Life is crazy.

The relocation chaos has mostly settled. We went to Barcelona for three days over Easter break and had a blast. I’m learning Spanish now for real. Life is getting easier here in Espana. And the other day, when I went to exchange my rental car, Avis gave me a 2021 M-series BMW that I can keep until August. I just. What. I’m in love with the car and now I think I need to get one when we return to the US? Yes.

Camping this weekend because the weather is perfect. We’re doing the famous “settling in.” The new Beemer and our stuff arriving in a week or so helps.

If I were a person who was into socials and cared about followers, I could probably make a Spain Pimp Life account on Insta or whatever and brag incessantly for likes. But that’s not me. (I do have an Insta for this blog but I never remember to update it. I will post one pic below just for proof, ha.) Trust me, we’re very fortunate! 🙂 It feels unreal. Sometimes my husband and I just pause, look at each other and laugh because how is this even our life? But it is.

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