Happy [fertility celebration], my flight got canceled

UPDATE: I went ahead and called United to make sure 1) this wasn’t a mistake, given how far away my trip is (last week of July) and 2) if it was true, to see about a refund. It was not a mistake. Canceled due to market restrictions. I am happy to report that I hadContinue reading “Happy [fertility celebration], my flight got canceled”

first the roaches, then the termites…

There’s a mosquito buzzing around my office as I sit here typing at 9AM. It is almost summer here in the southern US, and the annual plagues have begun. A wasp set up shop in my laundry room. I’m allergic to wasp venom. Can’t find the wasp nest. Last night about a dozen huge cockroachesContinue reading “first the roaches, then the termites…”

Westfjords and Little Foxes

This is Hornstrandir National Reserve in the Westfjord region of Iceland. It’s only accessible by boat. Most people take the boat from Ísafjörður. You can take a plane to Ísafjörður from various places in Iceland including Reykjavik and Akureyri. My home bases in July are right outside Akureyri. Here’s a better idea of where itContinue reading “Westfjords and Little Foxes”