Plague times, 2021

Hi there! My name is Kelly. I currently live in the southeastern United States. I like to fling myself to far-out corners of the world in random fits of solo traveling to see what life is like there, do some hiking and see what happens. The more remote, extreme, mythical and different from my home, the better. I have a special fondness for islands and a lot of… whatever you want to call the opposite of risk-aversion 🙂

So far, I’ve been to Belize, Iceland, Germany and Czechia. Next on my very long list of destinations are: Paris, Spain, Costa Rica, Maldives, Greenland, Bali, Sweden, Norway, Cambodia and to revisit Iceland. This list is subject to change for any reason and is 100% at the mercy of my whim.

Happy adventuring, everyone!

Reynisfjara Beach outside of Vik, Iceland
May 2019

This summer, I am visiting northern Norway & Sweden and stopping over in Akureyri, Iceland for a second visit on my way home had planned on visiting Norway, Sweden and Iceland but then Covid-19 happened and now this blog is me treading water and daydreaming over maps, rough guides and travel sites until I can travel again.

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