Iceland Summer 2019

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I took that photo from a Cessna flown by Circle Air. Look them up, they’re great.


  • Days spent in Iceland: 7
  • Towns visited: Reykjavik, Keflavik, Vik and Akureyri
  • Domestic flights taken: 3
  • Rental cars: 2
  • AirBnBs: 2
  • Whales seen: 4
  • Puffins seen: 0
  • Meals of note: reindeer burger, fermented shark cubes and Black Death liquor


  • May 25 Saturday: Flight out of US
  • May 26 Sunday: Land in Frankfurt; 9 hour layover
    • 11:50PM: Land in Keflavik, spend night in Keflavik hotel
  • May 27th Monday: Pick up rental car from Keflavik company at 9AM and drive toward Reykjavik: Blue Lagoon Spa / check into AirBnB
  • May 28th Tuesday: Vik road trip / Ring Road
  • May 29th Wednesday: Into the Volcano
  • May 30th Thursday: Downtown Reykjavik – shopping, sightseeing and museums
  • May 31st Friday: flight to Akureyri / pick up rental car at Akureyri airport / check into AirBnB
  • June 1st Saturday: Visit Lystigardurinn and explore downtown Akureyri / eat at Akureyri fishhouse and walk around the port
  • June 2nd Sunday: Whale watching in the morning, lunch and then an aerial tour over northern Iceland / catch flight back to Reykjavik in evening & then drive to Keflavik hotel by airport
  • June 3rd Monday: Fly out