Major life changes happened recently. I met someone, lightning struck, we got married, and now my husband and I are both moving overseas together this Fall. We’re looking at houses and planning our future. What a year!

ir a vivir a espa├▒a

It’s not official yet, but most likely happening this summer/fall. Waiting on many moving bureaucratic parts to align before I have concrete details and can make an official announcement & start planning and saying goodbyes. What else has happened lately? I’m fully vaccinated now, achieved my immunity ­čśÄ Life is good, though mentally and emotionallyContinue reading “ir a vivir a espa├▒a”

News on the employment front

Last week after some negotiation, I accepted an employment offer with a company on the east coast. I was entertaining a possible role at a startup on the west coast, but east coast ultimately won the battle. I start soon, pending all the background checks, etc. With this new role, there is a good possibilityContinue reading “News on the employment front”

general update & what’s what

No travel plans in sight. I looked into flying to the Yucatan for the 4th of July weekend, but I probably won’t. Several considerations: 1) the pandemic is ongoing 2) if the Mexican border opens for American travel in June as planned, then airports, hotels and sites will be beyond crowded; 3) due to variousContinue reading “general update & what’s what”

Atlas of Remote Islands: Rapa Iti, French Polynesia

Atlas of Remote Islands by Judith Schalansky is a curious, imaginative work on the world’s most remote islands, one I am in love with as a kindred writer, atlas-studier and seeker of wild remote places, specifically islands. Easter Island is on my list. Also Hawaii, soon. French Polynesia? Definitely in the queue, along with FijiContinue reading “Atlas of Remote Islands: Rapa Iti, French Polynesia”