I’m going back to Iceland!

My trip scope has shifted to include Iceland on the way back. Still going to all points mentioned previously in Norway and Sweden but also adding 4 nights in Akureyri in a meandering return. 🙂 I cannot wait!

OK, details.

I’m now going straight through from Oslo to Reykjavik to Akureyri on the way back from Norway to stay 4 nights there and hopefully also fly to Grimsey Island on a day trip. I messaged the pilot to let him know that I am also open to a Greenland flight. I would very much like to visit Greenland for a day.

The plan now is to fly into Oslo rather than Stockholm and take a connecting domestic flight straight to Narvik. I will still cross the Swedish border to Abisko from Narvik by either car or train for day trips.

I’m happy with this change. The Swedish train leg was stressing me. 

My entire plan has now pivoted on a mistake and impulse in order to become something new. Nordic gods are laughing.

Here is the road trip map from Narvik to A 🙂

It’s the jaggiest coastline that ever jagged, my friend.

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