F*ck it, full steam ahead

I’m back to trip planning as of today. My work future is still murky but I want this trip to be in my future, so I am proceeding as if I am still going. Hope is the thing with feathers. Getting to my stay outside of Narvik will be either an expensive cab or a feat of logistical gymnastics, can’t quite tell yet.

Probably the cab.

The Narvik airport is one hour from the city, and it’s not a straight drive. It’s a drive through mountains that look like this.

Mountains surrounding Narvik, Norway

After flying for over 15 hours through 7 time zones, I think I’ll opt for the direct route. The other option is bus from airport to Narvik bus station (1 hr 15 mins), then call a cab and hope one is available while I stand around like a goon with my luggage in a bus station, jetlagged and irritable. THEN I have to go to my stay, dump the stuff, and take the cab back another 20 minutes to the car rental place, jump through all the car renting hoops, and then drive myself back to the stay through those mountains and hope Google Maps is working and there are guardrails because holy F I am going to be tired and in no shape to drive.

This is all contingent on when I land, too. If things are not open, then I will have to get the car the next day. And the airport bus only runs a few times a day.

I wonder if I can arrange a cab ahead of time. I bet I can. I will do that.

I’ve been researching the 11th century berserkers this week and have a draft working of what I am learning. Will post it soon. Fascinating story.

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