a COVID-19 pickle

It’s looking worse than ever for a Scandinavian summer.

a pickle indeed

I have not yet canceled my living space reservations or my flight to Grimsey Island in Iceland with Circle Air, but it’s not looking great for travel this summer due to the pandemic now. I am hesitant to purchase plane tickets, as no one knows when this pandemic will be over or what new travel restrictions may be put into place in the meantime or how long they will last. I could buy tickets now for super cheap, I bet, but I may not even be able to use them this summer if Norway or the US or a connecting flight country has travel bans in place. Also, I am concerned about a massive tourist influx in the summer/fall happening due to all of the trips that have been canceled for spring. This would drive up costs on an already-expensive trip and make travel total hell with the swarms of catch-up travelers, packed planes and airports, etc.

This is some shit!

I am lucky in that I am able to work from home for the foreseeable future while this pandemic runs its course. I have 2500 or so books, a robust Roku menu, my cat and my art projects to keep me entertained. I am also in possession of an Israeli civilian gas mask – long story, was for a costume, never ended up using it.

The news is worse every day. Hard to get accurate information as we’re still learning about this new virus, and I’ve been mostly staying off social media because the misinformation and stupidity is running rampant there and it’s pissing me off. I read the CDC dedicated website, bbc, the New York Times daily paper and my local news. I never watch the news because I don’t enjoy sensationalist, cherry-picked emotionally-charged garbage or feeling manipulated by creepy talking heads.

There are a lot of very stupid people in this world. I feel sorry for the doctors and scientists struggling against a tidal wave of panic and misinformation, doing their best to shout above the mayhem and relay accurate information to a hysterical public.

Please do your part to stay calm, get your info from reliable sources such as those linked above, take care of the elderly and infirm around you such as friends, family and neighbors… and for fuck’s sake, stop hoarding supplies.

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